• Eojin Kim
    This is frustrating because I literally received the kit only 2 days ago. As you can see in the photo I included the philips knob for the volume control fell off and went under the board. Now the volume randomly goes up and down without it. Is there any way I can put it back on somehow? If not is it possible to adjust or at least lock the volume by any other way? Thanks in advance.
    20190213_232924 (113K)
  • Kyran
    Ah, you may have broke it by twisting it too hard. It's very small, very weak. It should be stuck at whatever end it broke at, but from what you are saying it may have come loose inside the potentiometer as well.

    There's nothing you can do about that unfortunately... Such is the life of a prototype - things can break. You'll have to send it back to me and wait a while for me to send you a repaired or replaced one.

    You can first try to fix it by unscrewing the main circuit board and getting that loose piece of metal out from under it. Then, see what is going on inside the top of the volume potentiometer and see if you can use tweezers to rotate the piece inside and apply a small dab of super glue to keep it on the maximum volume setting.

    If that fails for you, then let me know and we can arrange to have you send it back for repair/replacements.
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