• Kyran
    The Kytech Industries Custom Sound Device - website link

    This device allows people to make their airsoft tool of choice sound louder and more unique on the battlefield. The capabilities of loading custom sounds into it unlock unlimited potential for you to make your gun unique for every occasion, whether it be for fun or realism.

    Currently not available yet for retail sale, you can get your hands on a Beta Test unit by reading more about, and joining (if it's not full or closed!) the Beta Test Program.

    What is it? How Does It Work?
    There are two parts to the Custom Sound Device (CSD for short), the PEQ box style main unit with the speaker and main circuitry, and the muzzle sensor which attaches to the front of the gun barrel and acts as a barrel adapter. The sensor detects the BB passing through the barrel and triggers the sound on the PEQ unit. Sounds come from the built-in default sound, or from your own sounds on a microSD card inserted into the back of the PEQ unit.

    The sensor acts as a tracer unit (on the Q1 2019 Beta Test units) to light up tracer BBs a bright green.

    You mount the CSD to your airsoft gun rails (or creatively in some other way) and supply it with an external power source. It can be wired to your gun battery via some extra airsoft tech work, otherwise you should use a secondary small battery tucked away in your handguard or stored in something like the Kytech Industries Vertical Handgrip which was designed for this very purpose.

    The device comes with various modes to determine how it plays the sounds on the SD Card. Audio files can be prepared easily by you (tutorials/guides will be available on these forums) and shared amongst the community here.
  • shootydude
    hey,how do you install the sensor?
    can i install it between my guns built-in outer barrel and a barrel extension?
  • Kyran
    Yep, take off flash hider, put sensor there, put on flash hider at the end or mock silencer or whatever else you want. It can be anywhere in the barrel assembly, if you have a 3" barrel extender you could put the sensor before it if it fits with your rail assembly
  • shootydude
    yeah my barrel extension isnt just 3inches lol,it adds about 12 inches LOL
  • shootydude
    heres my gun,idk if itll display it though
    48424085_323425321595500_738260343666507776_n (180K)
  • shootydude
    its the G&G SRXL,modified it with a 60cm madbull 6.01 tightbore,sl8-1 outer barrel extension,modify black hopup bucking and ill be replacing the stock etu and mosfet with the G2 mosfet,ill also be making a battery wire extension so i can put my 11.1v 4000MAh 80c battery in my vest lol
  • shootydude
    not to mentiion ill be putting a new stock and putting some more rails so i can use a front grip and put the csd without obstructing my scope lol
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