• Sean
    I just finally got some sounds loaded into the card, getting my AEG ready for a game tomorrow, and i cannot get the unit to make any sounds now.

    I just charged up my battery, and within seconds of powering the unit up i smelled smoke coming from the sensor unit. There is a strong purple light source coming out of the sensor (clearly it is the LED light, but ive never noticed it before), and it was accompanied by smoke.
    The battery is only a 7.4 lipo stick type battery. I dont see how it could have too much power for the unit. 7.4 to 11.1 was the recommended battery, was it not?

    Im confused, discouraged and not sure what to do to fix this..... any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Kyran
    Hi Sean,

    Don't apply power to it any more with the sensor connected. I will send you a new sensor. It sounds like the sensor somehow failed on power-up, which I haven't seen before so lucky you?

    Can you please unplug the sensor cable from the back of the sensor and then power up the PEQ box only. Please confirm for me that it makes the speaker pop and then the beep sound.

    Can you give me more context on the temperature on the day it failed, anything you remember about the way you plugged it in or any potential damage which could have happened between when it last worked fine and when it failed now?

    Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience we'll sort you out a new unit or sensor and get you going again ASAP.
  • Sean
    Thank you Kyran! Its already unplugged, and the peq box still makes the audio signal.
    I did this last night while prepping for a game, in my house (temp approx 19 degrees celsius and dry).
    It was plugged in normally, but I note that the tiny alignment ridges on the white block that plugs into the sensor unit seem crooked.... However all the tiny pins seem straight and are making proper contact, as far as I can tell. There should be no damage, as I have only used it once in the field, and a handfull of times in the basement trying it out.
    I should also specify that it still makes the default audio sound, but won't play the custom sounds I loaded onto the micro sd card (finally). I used sounds I found right in the forum, as I am not that technically inclined to find and properly format my own sounds. I used 4 firearm sounds other users uploaded, but can't get them to work. the incident with the smoke happened both with and without the micro sd card onboard, so that seems to be an unrelated issue.
    Thank you
    Sean W.
  • Kyran
    Hey Sean, sorry for the delay in replying.

    The sound playing issue is unrelated to the smoke from the sensor, yes.

    I will email you shortly, as it's more direct we can go through the specific steps you were doing and maybe I can spot the error/problem with the unit.

    Although we can't do much effective troubeshooting for you till I get you a new sensor!

    cheers mate!
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