Forum Rules

  • These are the forum rules and guidelines. If you want to use these forums and to take part in the community, be sure to follow these and generally respect each other.

    General Guidelines:
    • Use the Search Bar. It will help you find information on your question/answers if it already exists. Try various key words. As the forums get older, you may find what you need without posting a new question.
    • Give advice only if you know what you are talking about, if not then direct them to someone who does or let an administrator/Kytech offical member help them even if that takes longer.
    • Make sure to post in the most appropriate sub-forum/category. Posts which are in irrelevant sub-forums will be moved as needed.
    • Use useful titles on your new discussions, always use spell-check and try to be concise and clear in what you write. People from all over the world will be reading it and may not know slang or be able to comprehend overly complex sentences as well as you can.
    • Avoid writing in all caps-locks.
    • Be respectful, don't troll or provoke or harass/abuse anyone here, or you will be removed.
    • Try to keep the overall usage of this forum related to the use of Kytech Industries products. This is not a general purpose Airsoft or tech-related forum (not currently)

    Main Rules - if broken will lead to posts removal and banning of users:
    • Avoid hateful language, racial slurs, bullying and profanities. There is more leeway on general profanities, but the others are something which will get you banned. Let's all be happy and get along okay?

      NOTE: In terms of audio files that may contain this sort of content, it will be judged on a case-by-case basis and if it's found to be pushing the limits too far then the audio files will be removed and the poster asked not to post those again.
    • Do not post links to porn or illegal videos such as violate crimes, murders, drug use anything like that. There will be under-age people using these forums, and the illegal stuff is a given.
    • Try to keep audio file sources and potential copywrite infringement issues low by modifying clips or using them in short, obvious "fair usage" or "transformative" ways. If we get DCMA takedown requests we will have to comply and remove your offending posts and files.
    • Outside the realm of general recommendations, no official/overt advertising is to take place here without consent from the Kytech Industries administration first.

    Any issues or questions with these rules please private message an admin member or email .